Whip Debate

There has been some debate about banning the Whip in Thoroughbred Racing. Maybe might happen but before this any decision is made. There must be discussion with Jockeys Trainers and owners. Animal Welfare have been quite loud about Whip Use on Horses in racing.

Guidelines have been in force with the number of strikes a jockeys can encourage the horses. Also padded whips have in use for a few years now. They are much better than the old crop with the flap. The Jockeys must have a whip because an unruly horse can take control and we don't want a accident to occur. 

My opinion is the whip stays and the number strikes is limited to every two strides  and the last 100 to the finish a horse that can win the race the strikes is limited to 8 and when out of contention the jockeys rides hands and heels to the finish. 

Till Next Week

By Jeremy Racing